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Crosselerator is the unique Outlook add-in that turns every email your company sends into extra potential income.

The database it holds matches messages created by your marketing people with the recipient of the message and applies the right message toeach outgoing email - intelligently and automatically. The sender of the email does nothing.

The messages can be anything - text (with links), vidoes, images...

It then gather the data about clicks etc.

Why it works

It isn't like a mailshot (20% open rate, 2% click-throughs). You are already corresponding about something... so with Crosselerator.com, a 99% open rate and 79% click-through rate are realisable,

Try it today!

There are loads of 'how to' videos on YouTube and linked to the platform Start here.

Integrated with Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp. Fully GDPR compliant.

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