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White Paper - 10 Steps to Help You Decide How to Address Your Failed Outsourcing Relationship

 From Allan Watton of Best Practice Goup plc.allan watton

If you are managing strategic outsourcing relationships, you have the battle scars to know they are hard to operate and drive best value from. Really hard.

It's difficult to prepare yourself for what follows if you've tried everything you can to improve the performance of the vendor, but without any medium to long term positive impact.

Rest assured that you're not alone. In fact, not only do most outsourcing relationships experience difficulties, over 50% fail outright. Opting for a hasty termination can be a major risk... it's a route not be taken lightly.
10 Steps to 'One More Push' or to Terminate, Safely & Quickly
So, if you think you've exhausted all avenues to improve the relationship's performance, but it still feels that you are banging your head against a brick wall, then our free White Paper, based on dealing with over 500 vendor relationships, helps steer you through whether to give the relationship 'one more push' or to consider an early termination process, safely. The paper covers:

How to self-diagnose whether you should be really terminating early, or giving the relationship 'one more push'

How some of the protection you thought you had in your written contract actually makes your situation worse, and how to get around it

The 'unwritten' contractual obligations all specialist outsourcing vendors have and how they can be used to accelerate the termination and exit process, safely and at minimum cost

The four key actions that can cut 50% off the time for a safe termination and exit

What three actions make the termination process much more risky and how to avoid them


Case study examples of what other organisations have undertaken to terminate long term relationships early, recover substantial fees, and replace the strategic vendor with other providers that worked well.

Download the white paper here and start on the direction of travel that helps you achieve your business outcomes quickly.

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