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Putting Customers at the Heart of the Next Generation of Legal Software

The Legal sector is rapidly evolving and increasingly time-poor Solicitors are now tasked with finding new ways to manage their practice and legal accounts efficiently. This has led to the inevitable rise in the number of law firms shifting these processes online, with many investing in digital solutions designed to relieve the pain points of the traditional, paper-based approach to case and practice management.Insight

However, as with any new technology there are bound to be a few teething issues when it comes to reaping the full efficiency and time-saving benefits of an automated Legal Software. Not only do modern law firms increasingly require systems which enable fast and simple practice management, they also need more flexibility from these computer systems to tackle all areas of their job simultaneously. It can therefore be challenging for companies to ensure their legal software is not just working, but driving maximum value for their business.

With the workloads of lawyers, solicitors and accountants increasing on a daily basis, it is vital that software providers not only stay ahead of the curve to provide them with the solutions needed to manage their ever-growing caseloads quickly and effectively. Now, they must team this technology with a strong commitment to providing every customer with the support they need throughout both the initial onboarding stage and beyond.

As we enter the next phase of the evolution of Legal Software, the need for this instant support is stronger than ever and providers must be prepared to put customers at the heart of their business and take the necessary steps to offer expert advice when issues arise. Whether this be hiring in-house industry experts or devising a sophisticated customer support process, legal IT firms must now embrace this challenge if they are to become a trusted and long-term partner in an increasingly competitive legal IT sector.

Insight Legal has been at the very heart of this industry transformation and has continually developed with the changing tides of the industry. Over the last eight years, the company’s team of industry specialists have been dedicated to providing businesses with the tools they need to make the management of their finances and legal accounts just that little bit easier.

By placing customer needs at the forefront of its business, the company has been able to build both a product and support system which meets these needs and as a result, celebrate continued success along the way. With 600 law firms now using its software, the company is growing fast and committed to continuously pushing the envelope, to ensure they have the tools in place to support the future needs of its customers today.

Insight Legal recently unveiled the next generation of its business, welcoming a refreshed brand and affirmed Company Values of honesty, expertise and a friendly approach to Legal Software.

Brian Welsh, Managing Director at Insight Legal Software Ltd
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