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Law Management and Marketing Newsletter Archive

Past issues:

January 2017 - 10 Steps top Refocus Successfully on Your Business Goals (Sally Calverley)

December 2016  -Round Up fo the year's best

November 2016 - Breaking bad Business Practice

October 2016 - Why We Don't Like Short-termism

September 2016 - Cash-flow and Your Gross profit Line

August 2016 - 100th issue - Irony and Iconoclasm

July 2016 - Time to Think About Lemon Squeezing

June 2016 - Brexit, Hyperbole, Opportunity

May 2016 - New Things and Thoughts on the Procurement Process

April 2016 - Specific Setbacks Don't Disprove Concepts

March 2016  Beyond Benchmarking - Don't Get Left Behind

February 2016    Stop Confusing Clients or Risk Losing Them Forever

January 2016  Don't Wreck Your Website Just for Mobile

December 2015  Marketing Measurement in 200 Words

November 2015  Stress, Career Ambitions and the New Order

October 2015 - Bake a Bigger Cake

September 2015 - How Should Law Firms use Social Networking?

August 2015 - Context is King in Service Delivery

July 2015 -  Three Things You mUst Do to Boost Your Competitiveness

June 2015 - A Big Month for the Profession

May 2015 - Confort Zones, Knowledge Sharing and the Same Old Same Old

April 2015 - Costs in Focus

March 2015 - Why Business Development Should be About Growth, Not Maintenance

February 2015 - What legalZoom's Marketing Campaign Means for You

January 2015 - Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder (Why your service standards might not be all you thingk they are)

December 2014 - Round up of the Year's Best

November 2014 - Big Websites and Claimed Implications of Value Pricing

October 2014 - Client Care, Competitive Advantage and Proactivity

September 2014 - Who is Paying For the Valueless Time in Your Law Firm?

August 2014 - Do Your KPI's Stop You Achieving What You Should?

July 2014  - Too Busy is NO Excuse

June 2014 - Instructions on the Up Means Cash Management Even More Important

May 2014 - It's not about what you do, It's about how you do it

April 2014 - Why go for the right answer to the wrong question?

March 2014 - Relationships, Relationships, Relationships.

February 2014 - Your future is in front of you (in more ways than one)

January 2014 - Quick Profit and Cash-Flow Improvement Tips

December 2013 - It Ain't Over Yet!

November 2013 - Brands and The Emperor’s New Clothes

October 2013 - What Business Are You Really In?

September 2013 -Is Your Firm a Rock or a Sponge?

August 2103 - Learning From Builders

July 2013 - The Co-Op and Summer Must Reads

June 2013 - Google Searches and Law Firms

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