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Lack of Legal talent leaves firms struggling on

New market analysis has revealed that law firms nationwide are struggling to recruit the talent they need.

Clayton Legal have released a latest white paper "The Challenges and Opportunities facing Law Firms in 2018"

New market analysis has revealed that law firms nationwide are struggling to recruit the talent they need. That’s according to recruitment agency, Clayton Legal.Lynn Sedgwick

“We’re finding that clients across the country and in all areas of the law are having a hard time recruiting quality candidates. Firms just can’t seem to find the talent they require to do the job,” says seasoned recruitment professional Lynn Sedgwick, MD at Clayton Legal. In fact, Clayton Legal carried out research into the Challenges and Opportunities Facing Legal Firms in 2018 and 67% of those firms surveyed said that a shortage of skills was their main concern.

Clayton Legal specialises in recruitment for the legal sector, and with over thirty years of experience, Lynn and her staff have seen recruitment trends come and go. And while talent shortages are often cyclical, legal recruitment expert Lynn believes that firms are stuck in a particularly vicious circle at the moment: concerned about the expense of training staff and struggling to keep up with changing client demands.

Citing a changing political and technological landscape as the main reason, Lynn offered her thoughts: “Over the last five to ten years new technology and new norms such as working from home have changed the way we work. Firms are struggling to keep up with changing employee and client requirements, such as the increased demand for private practice – they’re struggling to find the candidates to meet their needs. And as the uncertainty around Brexit rumbles on many firms are left in a difficult position.”

The ability to be flexible is a key determiner when attracting the best talent according to Lynn. Recruitment is vital for bringing new ideas and experience into the firm, yet law firms must remember that innovation also needs to come from within to have the best chance of attracting quality candidates. Indeed, keeping those candidates is top of mind for many firms according to Clayton Legal’s research, with 20% of firms surveyed are concerned about staff retention.

Speaking about what attracts the best candidates, Lynn offered this advice: “Whatever their area of legal expertise firms must invest in the future, whether that’s through technology or developing first-class training to bring on the next wave of leaders and experts. Candidates want to see responsiveness and flexibility to meet changing demands: law firms stand still at their peril.”

If you’re interested to know more about the opportunities and challenges facing the legal profession in 2018 you can request a copy of Clayton Legal’s full report by clicking here.

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